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Safe, Affordable, Publicly-Controlled Water for All

The Our Water Campaign is a coalition of local organizations, including Pittsburgh United, Clean Water Action, Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network, Sierra Club, the Hill District Consensus Group, Nine Mile Run Watershed, Penn Future, Thomas Merton Center, and One Pennsylvania. The campaign was formed to ensure safe, affordable, publicly controlled water for all.

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The Our Water Campaign has been fighting for publicly controlled water for almost 2 years. Our Water is too important to be left in the hands of a private corporation, especially one owned by a private equity firm based in California like People’s Gas. Sign our petition here and stand up for public water in Pittsburgh!

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Public Hearing on PWSA: Sign up to Testify! July 18 @ 6 PM

On July 18th at 6 PM in Council Chambers, City Council will be holding a public hearing on the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority to ask the public how our water authority be governed and who should own it. We know that public, democratic ownership of water is... read more

World Water Day: Know Your Water Rights 3/22 @ 6:30 PM

RSVP Here!  At The Shop in Homewood (621 N Dallas), to celebrate World Water Day and the universal human right to water, the Our Water Campaign is hosting an event for community members to learn about the rights they have as PWSA customers to safe, affordable drinking... read more

Media Coverage:

A Huge Win for Keeping Water Systems under Public Control

Baltimore is poised to become the first major U.S. city to prohibit privatization of its water system and the first to do so by amending its city charter. Aly Shaw of the Pittsburgh Our Water Campaign says lead levels in her city are finally going down after...