Our Water Campaign Platform for Safe, Affordable Public Water

Public: PWSA must be kept publicly controlled 

  • PWSA must not transfer significant decision making power over to a private company
  • Democratic control over PWSA must increase

Veolia Accountability: PA Attorney General must launch a statewide investigation into Veolia for its role in Pittsburgh’s lead crisis

Affordability: Pittsburgh must keep water affordable for low-income ratepayers

  • Have an established ratepayer outreach program for the CAP/moratorium 
  • Expand the moratorium on water shutoffs and make permanently protect vulnerable populations (Seniors, disability, low-income, families with young children)
  • CAP is expanded to cover up to 250% of the poverty line and renters are covered
  • There is a more equitable rate structure at PWSA
    • PWSA creates a stormwater utility fee so everyone pays their fair share for water and sewer services 

Safety: People must have access to safe, clean drinking water

  • PWSA must adopt a new corrosion control chemical
  • PWSA must replace all lead service lines in the City 
  • The lead line replacement schedule must be transparent and available to the public
  • PWSA lead lines replacement program will be spent equitably and prioritize people at or below 250% of the poverty line and who live in zip codes at a higher risk of being exposed to lead, seniors, and families with children